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Brilliant Content of the Week: Ziploc Crayons #ContentMarketing

Brilliant Content of the Week: Ziploc Crayons #ContentMarketing

This Facebook post from Ziploc has it all: super-high relevance to Mommies (prime buyers), ridiculously high utility, highly visual (and almost instantly comprehensible), and... best of all... you need their product to make it work.

Is it worth a few extra pennies at the store to buy Ziploc instead of the store brand?

It is if you've won the hearts of your buyer!

To get an updated tally on likes & shares, check out the original Facebook post.

H/T: Bob Mullen

We're thrilled to announce that we're the new home of the world's most useful marketing podcast!

Great from @rokuplayer: "Get more snuggle time on the couch" -- from subj. line of email promotion for their player.

Why pay $10? #MarketingFail #FunnyAds

Why pay $10? #MarketingFail #FunnyAds

Somewhere, there's a marketer laughing...